Privacy Policy

We are eager to have the chance to handle your travel arrangements as your booking agent. Before using Hop Nepal's services for booking your air tickets, please carefully go through our Terms and Conditions. You are presumed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions when browsing or making a reservation via our website.

In addition to your responsibilities as a customer, these terms and conditions(Agreement or Contract) outline what you are legally entitled to expect from us when you acquire travel-related services from us.

Using Our Website

You agree that as a condition of using this website:

• you're 18 years of age

• you have the authority to enact a legally binding commitment

• you'll abide by our Terms and Conditions when using Hop Nepal's website

• you agree to use this website only to make ACTUAL bookings for yourself or for another person on whose behalf you're authorised to act

• you are responsible for informing any such third parties of the terms and conditions that govern any reservations you make on their behalf, as well as any guidelines and limitations that may be involved

• your submission of any information to this website is valid, precise, recent, and full

• if you register for an account on Hop Nepal's website, you agree to keep your account information secure, to control who uses it(including you), and to take full responsibility for any activity thar occurs under your account

Booking Air Tickets Via Hop Nepal

By booking through our website:

• You consent to be obligated by this Agreement's terms as well as any additional conditions set forth by any Supplier that apply to your reservation, travel plans, or usage of any website material. You consent to abide by all of these terms and conditions, including the timely payment of all charges due, on behalf of both yourself and the parties you represent.

• You acknowledge and agree that under no circumstances shall any compensation provided by us exceed the purchase price of your ticket, less the applicable service fee.

• You acknowledge that before taking any action in response to a problem relating to your reservation that arises while you're at the airport, you are required first to contact us for support. Any solution we offer must be implemented; any variations are only permitted with our prior consent.

You acknowledge that any breach of any such terms and conditions may give rise to the following consequences:

• Cancellation of your booking or purchase.

• Forfeiture of any payments made in connection with your reservation or purchase.

• Denial of access to the relevant travel-related service or product.

• Our right to charge your account for any expenses we incur as a result of such breach.

You affirm and justify that:

• You are of legal age to use our services and webpage and have the capacity to enter into binding contracts as a result of such use.

• You can legally accept these terms and conditions on the behest of any individuals included in a booking.

• The information provided by you is accurate and true.

• You are in charge of advising these other people of all conditions that apply to their trip plans. You acknowledge that you and anyone using your name or account must pay for any use of our amenities or website.

• You are accountable for all of your (either financial or other) actions on the website, including any potential misuse of your login information.

Contracts Involved

Agreement with Hop Nepal

We offer a wide range of travel-related goods and services from various travel vendors. We serve as a middleman for goods and services that we do not directly supply in our capacity as a booking/travel agent. We do not co-sell these goods and services.

You shall enter into a separate contract with Travel Suppliers in connection with such items and services when you make a reservation through our website. Therefore, unless expressly stated otherwise here, we are not a party to the written agreement concerning the goods and services you order on our website.

Any product-related questions or concerns should be directed to the Travel Supplier. We accept no responsibility for the travel services and products provided by the Travel Supplier, and we make no express or implied interpretations or warranty claims about the suitability or quality of the travel services featured on the website.

Agreement With The Travel Supplier

In addition to the terms and conditions set forth here, the Travel Supplier's terms and conditions (including airline fare rules) will apply to all products or services booked through our website.